Sunday, October 15th
12:00PM - 3:00PM


We're taking the classic fall combination of pigs and apples a step further with our first annual Nose to Wassail.  Chef Ashley Gaboriault will utilize a whole pig from our friends at Broad Arrow Farm (see more on BAF below!) to create the day's feast highlighting each cut from nose to tail.  A perfect pairing to wash down your pork, General Manager Ezra Star will feature her favorite small-batch ciders from around the world.

We’ll open our doors early for the day, at noon -  Join us until 3pm to feast, imbibe, and enjoy authentic flavors of Fall.



Broad Arrow Farm
The hogs at Broad Arrow Farm live in the woods and on pasture, where the herds are regularly rotated to graze over fresh ground, building soil and regenerating forage.  This soil-based approach gives their livestock access to plants and nutrients that are unique to their location on Maine's Pemaquid Peninsula, resulting in pork that tastes uniquely of place.  Broad Arrow Farm boasts happier animals, better soil, and incredibly flavorful pork.