Sunday, September 15th
12:00PM - 3:00PM


We're taking the classic fall combination of pigs and apples a step further with our third annual Nose to Wassail lunch.  Utilizing a whole pig, we’re welcoming Chef Amanda Lowry from The Butcher Shop to prepare the day's feast, highlighting each cut from nose to tail.  A perfect pairing to wash down your pork, General Manager Ezra Star will feature her favorite small-batch ciders from around the world.

We’ll open our doors early for the day, at noon -  Join us until 3pm to feast, imbibe, and enjoy authentic flavors of Fall.




cacio e pepe, parsley, calabrian chili

Brown Boar Charcuterie
whipped pork butter, head cheese, guanciale

Crispy Pigs Ears
lime, aleppo, fra diavolo aioli

Pork Belly Taco
blue corn tortilla, green tomato, kohlrabi

Heritage Sausage
pickled wax and poblano peppers, whole grain mustard

Coppa Cubano
coppa, apple brined ham, b&b pickles, gruyere, dijon, ciabatta


Brittany, France (330ml bottle)

Wölffer No. 139 Rosé Cider
Long Island, New York (335 ml bottle)

Dunkertons Organic Dry
Gloucestershire, England (glass)

Isastegi Sagardo
Basque Region, Spain (glass)

Manoir de Grandouet “Cidre Fermier” Brut
Normandy, France (glass)

Cidrerie Daufresne Poiré
Normandy, France (glass)

Johanna Cécillon “Dinova”
Brittany, France (glass)

Johanna Cécillon “Nantosuelta”
Brittany, France (glass)

Etienne Dupont “Cidre Bouché
Normandy, France (375ml bottle)