Nick Bateman

Executive Sous Chef

Born and raised in Brookline, MA, Nick has admired chefs for as long as he can remember. In college, Nick studied International Studies and Business, which allowed him to indulge his love of travel and sample a vast array of cuisines. While studying in Nice, France, Nick's interest in food evolved from a passionate pastime to an insatiable desire. He simply couldn't taste, study, and experience enough.

At 21, Nick began his culinary career at Mistral, where he honed his love of French cooking with Italian influence. Prior to joining Barbara Lynch Gruppo, Nick worked at Mezze Bistro in the Berkshires, focusing on hyperlocal, simple, seasonal cuisine. In 2014, Nick joined Barbara Lynch Gruppo as a line cook at Drink and was quickly promoted to Executive Sous Chef by the Spring of 2016. He enjoys the opportunity to create fun menus with reimagined twists on classic dishes and provide guests with familiar tastes presented in new applications. Nick strives for his menus to reflect his love and passion for cooking and to compliment Drink's commitment to the craft of the cocktail. When he isn't cooking, Nick loves to travel, dine out and listen to live music.